Metal cushion for pipe

Metal cushion for pipe

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The Silentflex metal cushions are made from stainless steel wire, knitted, embossed and highly compressed, in order to achieve the wanted geometric shape.

This type of metal cushions are specially made to work on pipes, they can endure extremely high temperature and adapt to the size of the pipe.


- Load static range: 200 - 2700 Kg (Dynamic: up to 8100 Kg)

- Support temperatures: from - 67 to + 300 degrees

- Natural frequency: 15 - 20 Hz

- Damping: 15 - 20%

- Provide progressive stiffening: provide a constant natural frequency under a very wide range of loads, using a small space volume

- All-metall dampers: metallic cushions Silentflex are manufactured in 100% stainless steel, AISI-304 or even AISI-316 for corrosive ambients (Chemical Industry, aeronautics, etc.)

- Are naturally resistant to grease, oil, water, among others

- Specially suitable to damp rotating machines (over 2000 rpm)