Our Services

All of our services have the objective of get the best metal cushions possible for our clients

Top Quality

We have been investing a lot of resources in the last 20 years to get the best possible quality in our metal cushions.


We take care of custom orders and design an special solution for you, to solve your problems and to find something which adapts perfectly to your needs.


We deliver our metal cushion Directly from Spain to a lot of different Countries like France, Mexico, Canada or China

Customer Support

Our customer support department will be glad to hear you and give their best to try to help you, call us at 942 54 42 23 or send us an email!


All metal cushions, thanks to stainless steel cushions inner, hold lots of advantages over those based on elastomers.

Possibility of custom manufacturing: new references without extra cost.

Endurance to presence of aggressive substances: corrosives, oils , water, etc.

Ability to work under extreme temperatures of 70º C / 300ºC

Buffer stability: constant natural frecuency under a wide range of loads (elastomers Fr depends on load applied).

Metal Cushions - Silentflex®

Silentflex® metal cushions are made from drawn, woven stainless steel wire that is compressed into a geometric shape.

Our antivibration metal cushions are available in more of 950 standard references and more than 2000 special ones.

We are able to cover a wide range of metallic silentblocks, just with our metallic cushions both in industry, military and transport.

Cylindric Metal Cushions
Square Metal Cushions

Metallic vibration - damping supports

Metallic suspension is a vibration-damping special support made only in metallic parts, both the structural and dampering ones.

Dampering parts are made by steel mesh mounts. These vibration-damping supports absorb vibrations and shocks from mechanical parts and base chassis, removing all of them and allowing soft running.

We are manufacturers

Silentflex® produce a wide range of metal cushions.

Our Silentflex metal cushion is a self invention which has been improving his design during a lot of years, being right now the only one which offers this level of quality.

Apart from that, we design, develop and manufacture both isolator and dampers, all of them made with metal cushion pads, specially focused to our customer specifications.