Square metal cushion

Square metal cushion

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The Silentflex metal cushions are made from stainless steel wire, knitted, embossed and highly compressed, in order to achieve the wanted geometric shape.

An special metal cushion, with a square shape geometry made of woven compressed stainless steel wire. Have a 9 mm bored screw hole for being mounted in collars with the diameters required by the customer. Square dampers are especially good for mounting exhaust pipes from a wide range of systems & applications.

Like every metal cushions described earlier, are resistant to chemicals, oils, grease and corrosion also withstand extreme temperatures (up to 300 degrees) with a natural frequency located between 15 and 20 Hz. It enables to assemble pipes isolately in respect to their supports, reducing noise, vibrations and allows the pipes to expand freely


- Load static range: 200 - 2700 Kg (Dynamic: up to 8100 Kg)

- Support temperatures: from - 67 to + 300 degrees

- Natural frequency: 15 - 20 Hz

- Damping: 15 - 20%

- Provide progressive stiffening: provide a constant natural frequency under a very wide range of loads, using a small space volume

- All-metall dampers: metallic cushions Silentflex are manufactured in 100% stainless steel, AISI-304 or even AISI-316 for corrosive ambients (Chemical Industry, aeronautics, etc.)

- Are naturally resistant to grease, oil, water, among others

- Specially suitable to damp rotating machines (over 2000 rpm)