Custom Metal cushion

Custom Metal cushion

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Technical fitting: first of all, we receive all sketches, specifications and technical requirements from customer. During this phase all geometric parameters are analized and updated to the global design of damper. Necks, holes, cylindrical and/or square shapes, are added to the global design in order to optimize all damping properties.

Calculation: using all our knowledge about metallic cushion performance, that comes directly from our R&D department, we modify some aspect about the global design, with the aim of getting the best accuracy in damping and vibration isolating results. We use some mathematical models and lab works to get good predictions in new designs.

Tooling and productions: after closely defining the final shape, all pressing tools and some manufacturing elements, specially focused to each new reference, are quickly developed. Then, after getting some final samples, these are checked in our quality assurance lab and even, if customer wants, these samples are sent to analyze and check by her own.


-Custom design.

-Everything at clients choice.